Hot Springs, Virginia

A Homestead Resort Engagement

Tucked away in the beautiful Mountains of Bath County, Virginia is the Omni Homestead Resort. This beautiful, elegant and charming Resort plays a special part in Miranda and Logan's love story. Let's start from the beginning....

Miranda and Logan have many memories while working at the Homestead. They shared a few of their favorites, but there's one memory that is more special than others. The day they met. You could tell how special they truly are to each other and the love they share with each other. When this sweet couple told me the story from that Summer they both lit up with smiles. We talked about that day most of our session for many reasons, but the two main reasons being : 1. It is truly special to them; and 2. the talk about Summer while in the Sunlight made us forget that is was a solid 19 degrees out that day. We tackled the cold as long as we could (and stayed in the sun as long as we could!), but I can not wait to finish their engagement session when it warms up now that we are thawed out!

These two will become the Peery's on August 6th at the beautiful Westwinds Venue in Covington, Va.