Hey, Hey New Friend! 

I am Erin Hiser.

I am a small town girl from Southwestern Virginia (Covington, Virginia to be exact). Although Home is where my heart is, I am adventurous and love to travel, Therefore I would love to capture your Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee, or North Carolina Wedding! I have an absolutely amazing and inspiring son and husband. I also have two wonderful step sons, who I view as my own children. Family and Friends mean the world to me and they each inspire me everyday to pursue my dreams fearlessly!
Most days you can find me curled up in a blanket with a coffee in hand watching my favorite Disney movies, my two favorite series (Virgin River and Heartland) or living a life in the current novel I am reading.

I am a very optimistic and smiley person. I like to see the positive things in life and enjoy them wholeheartedly. When photographing your journey, I am not only your photographer, I become a part of your family! I like to have fun and bring out those genuine smiles, instead of those "okay, stand there and smile at the camera" poses!

I have discovered that the true heart of photography is not just in capturing those special moments, but being able to create a legacy and share those feelings and emotions for the rest of your lives.

I am very spontaneous and adventurous, so if you're up to hiking to an overlook, chasing waterfalls and jumping in the ocean...I am all for it!



We had so much fun doing our photos with Erin! I highly recommend her & will always go to her from here on out! I love all of our photos!